Greensleeves [free sample] Lesson One

The Melody

In Greensleeves Lesson One, you learn to play the melody with the right fingers as a secure basis for your performance going forward.

The teaching video

Here is the all-in-one teaching video. You may find it more convenient to learn section by section, as below.

Here is the full video split up into sections.

The first line of music

Here is the first line of music, which you are about to learn.

Learn the music with this video, then play along with my performance (second part of the video).

The second line of music

Here is the second line of music. It starts the same but ends differently.

Learn the second line of the melody with this video, and play along (just the melody) with the chords.

The first half of Greensleeves

Here are lines one and two combined - the first half of the piece.

The music shows the chords as well, but you are only interested in the melody (top stave) for now.

Use this video to make sure you can play lines one and two together.

Second half - line three

Here's line three of the music, and the teaching video.

Only the first bar is different to Line One, but that makes the fingering for the rest of the line different.

Line four

Here is line four, the last part of the music, and the teaching video

Second half of the piece

Putting lines three and four together.

Playing all the way through

Here's the music for the whole piece, both hands. Practice playing along using the video beneath as a soundtrack.

(This music is in the download folder.)

How did that go? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you play the tune right through?

If you can get your fingers round the melody, you can certainly go on to learn a showcase performance of 'Greensleeves' - a tune everyone knows and loves.

Here's a video showing how your arrangement evolves.

The great thing is, you get a full performance every lesson!

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Just to round things off, here's Mister Musicarta's Greensleeves 'Concert Variations' medley again.

See you on the course!

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