Pyramids Variations
Alternative Concert Performances

Make the most of the work you have put into learning Pyramids by playing the full Concert Version at the end of a build-up from the simpler versions.

For example, you could play:

  • Pyramids with LH-over Patterns (two-chord, 16-bar A1A2) (page 17XX)
  • Two-chord AABA performance with developed melody (page 4XX)

Segue into:

  • Pyramids Concert Performance (page 6XX)

To finish, segue into:

  • An eight-bar, two-chord A2 with simplest melody to finish (‘reprise’).

In music, segue [seg-wey] means ‘transition without a break into the next section of music or piece’. You could make the last note A of one version the first note A of the next.

For example, here’s a sketch of the segue into the Reprise.

These suggestions form the basis of this Pyramids Segue Performance.

Watch it on Mister Musicarta YouTube