What is RSS?

Orange RSS buttons are everywhere nowadays!

RSS (really simple syndication) is a no-hassle way of staying up to date with your favorite parts of the web – without checking bookmarks or reading e-zines! Bare-bones notification of new postings and updates is brought straight to you as an RSS feed.

It’s easy to get started.

First, download an RSS reader (ex. http://www.rssreader.com/ for Windows , http://netnewswireapp.com/ for Mac and mobile apps) – don’t worry, it’s all official!

Once you’re set up, right-click the orange RSS button of any site that interests you, select Copy Shortcut, paste the URL into your RSS Reader, and you’re subscribed. You’ll be told, with a brief description, when there’s been activity on one of your chosen sites.

You can also use Web-based RSS readers. Click on the buttons below the orange RSS feed in the Musicarta left-hand column to add the site feed to your reader. If you don't have an account, you can set up one right after clicking.

RSS really is really simple, but if you’d rather not go so tech, just bookmark the Musicarta blog page and check in regularly to see what’s new.

Thanks for visiting Musicarta.com! Come again soon!

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