Bob Chappell

Voice Artist - Presenter - Character Model

A versatile British voice artist on your doorstep...

Hi, I'm Bob Chappell - Cape Town-based voice artist, character model, video presenter and script editor.

Thanks for visiting my AV page!

Please read on to see how I can help make your project a memorable and successful production!

  Voice artist and presenter

Radio ads ▫ TV voice-over ▫ Educational audio ▫ Podcasts ▫ Radio spots ▫ Continuity announcer ▫ IVR (phone carousel) ▫ AV voice-over ▫ Training material ▫ Travel  guides ▫ Audio books ▫ Motivational ▫ Character and dubbing ▫ Verse and scripture

Radio ads

Bob Chappell is an award-winning Cape Town ‘voice’. Here is a selection of his radio and AV voice-over work.

Investing in wine? Don't!

Savannah – It’s dry, but…
(Savannah Dry)

The Ministry Of Stuff
(Virgin Active)

'From The Pavilion'

(Cash Crusaders)

The Gothic Look
(Fair Lady)

The Stay Now (formerly Safari Now) 'Office pest' campaign - featuring Bob's voice - is proving very durable. Here are two of the ads currently flighting.

The Chain Emailer

The Office Microwaver

The ad on the right was a 'pro bono' - always ready to lend a voice to a good cause! (The ad won a Loerie best-in-category, btw.)

'Gloria’s Got A Problem'
(Food Bank pro bono)

Red Cross Children's Hospital

... with Kalula Airlines

Here are a couple of straight 'announcer voice' reads for Metropolitan Life.

TV ads and voice-over

Bob has appeared in and voiced many TV ads. Here he is as a documentary presenter - albeit with a slightly 'spoof' feel.

This text you don’t see

Here's the real deal - the Kulula/Red Cross Children's Hospital TV spot. I  am incredibly proud to have been associated with this project!

In a similarly 'warm' vein...

And Bob's 'soft sell' voice...

American Suisse
(Soft sell)

Clients and campaigns

Clients and campaigns include:

Metropolitan Life ▫ Cipla Airmune ▫ Stay Now ▫ Red Bull ▫ Kulula/Red Cross Children’s Hospital ▫ Windhoek Lager ▫ Sanlam ▫ Burger King ▫ Santam ▫ Smirnoff Storm ▫ Virgin Active ▫ ‘One Card’ IVR ▫ John Dory’s ▫ City of Cape Town ▫ Hunters Dry ▫ Savanna ▫ Spur ▫ Spec Savers ▫ Oasis Luxury Retirement ▫ American Suisse ▫ Namaqua Wines ▫ Coronation Asset Management ▫ Exclusive Books, South Africa ▫ Magrudy’s Books, Dubai ▫ Townhouse Hotels ▫ Getaway magazine ▫ CD Wherehouse ▫ CTM Tiling ▫ Transnet ▫ Imperial Bank Medical Finance ▫ ▫  Two Oceans Wines ▫ Cape Point Vineyards ▫ Cash Crusaders ▫ Liberty Life ▫ Investec ▫ Engen ▫ etc., etc., etc…

Contact me or book via Sharon at APM and join this list of satisfied, successful customers!

Dubbing and character voice

Here's a video made by Wayne Joshua of Cape Town Audio Post, where I've been involved in dubbing mainly Iranian film and TV into English. You can catch me at time code 00:59 or thereabouts.

Here's the full Attenborough - with a few UK regional/character voices thrown in.

Naturalist/character voices

Bob also voiced characters for Sunrise Productions, notably in the 'Once Upon An Easter' animated pilot, which went on to country-wide theatre release in the USA ('Slinky', a Cockney rat, to be precise - sadly no voice clip available!).

Seeking synergies

Bob is eager to bring his talents to bear and help make your AV production a memorable success. Here are some sample production areas.

 Training material presenter

The ‘Trainer’ voice is mature and knowledgeable but down to earth, and crystal-clear while still remaining sympathetic and encouraging.

Training audio/video

 Podcasts and radio magazine segments

A lively, engaging journalistic tone matching target demographic,  possibly with a regional accent.

Podcast/Radio spots

 IVR  (interactive voice response/phone carousel)

The required tone is measured, reassuring and fairly monotone.


 Education audio books

Education audio is one area where  the rest-of-the-world deserves 100% RP (received pronunciation)!

TEFL/TESL audio learning

 Audio tourism guides

Here's a sample read for an audio tourist guide.

Audio tour guides are often listened to by foreign visitors. A medium pace, level delivery and crystal-clear enunciation are essential.

Audio tourism guide

 Museum audio tour

Here's a sample read for a museum audio tour.

It's vital the person who records your tour guide has some understanding of the content matter for the sense to get through.

Museum audio tour

 Audio book narrator

The narrator/story-teller voice can vary greatly in involvement and energy. This Sherlock Holmes read offers a fairly low-key sample.

The Narrator

 People are increasingly absorbing their information on the daily commute, Here's a non-fiction briefing on dairy fats.

The Narrator

Non-fiction needn't mean dull or lacking in drama, however,. Here's a read from the greatest story ever told.

The Narrator


Yes, you're right! We're getting down to the 'just for fun' stuff. And why shouldn't the guy who met the traveller be American?

Verse - Ozymandias


Bob is a lector at St Michael and All Angels, Observatory.

Reading scripture demands a genuine attempt at sincerity and humility, qualities which a voice artist hopefully brings to every read.

Romans 8. 18

Booking me (Africa)

My voice bookings are handled by Artistes Professional Management, tel. +27 (0)21 685 1910. Click straight through to my APM voice page here. Contact my booker Sharon at

You can view the current PMA Commercial Voice rates using this link.

Less formal arrangements can always be worked out with me using the current PMA Commercial Voice rates as a guide - use the Contact form to open channels.

International bookings

Get the competitive advantage - world-class service at Rand prices! South African rates converted at the time a quotation is agreed will apply.

In the first instance, contact me using the form below and I will then open more direct channels of communication.

A One-stop Service

Wearing another hat, Bob Chappell operates as Wordsmith Editing Services. As an experienced educational editor, teacher and webmaster himself, Bob has considerable experience in troubleshooting communications.

Master of formal English but up to date as well, Bob can bring a critical eye (and ear!) to bear and can at your invitation check copy for grammar, idiom, readability and tone.


As a reliable and experienced on-screen presence, Bob might be just the presenter your project needs. Feel free to get in touch with no obligation to brainstorm ways forward. Decades of experience both locally and internationally are just waiting to be tapped!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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International payments

If convenient to you, you can make direct payments into my South African bank account. Otherwise, you can use your PayPal balance or credit card to pay into my PayPal account.

Finished product will only be released to international customers once payment is received and verified.

  Character model/actor

Bob has been a feature of Cape Town photo shoots and TV commercials for a decade. Here are a few photos.

Bob's photographic and TV commercial bookings are handled by Margie Ikin, M People, +27 (0)76 565 0828,

For a fleeting appearance of Bob as 'The Boss' watch

this DVAG video.

Script editor

Bob is a qualified editor of long standing. Projects have included many educational texts as well as corporate and training video scripts. The combination of voice work experience and top-class editorial skills could give your video a winning boost!

In closing...

Thanks for visiting my AV page!

If you think I could enhance your AV production, please get in touch!

Bob Chappell

+27 (0)21 674 3223
+27 (0)76 170 7875

(Please us the Contact form above to email me.)

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