Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Pentatonic Scale-tone Practice Patterns

Set Two - Transposing, Page One

This is the third page of the Set Two pentatonic scale-tone practice patterns - exercises Nos. 1 to 10, in major pentatonic scales that require black keys keys.

The number of black keys in the pentatonic scale is shown in brackets after the key, e.g., D major (1).

The number of black keys used in a major pentatonic scale is always one less than the number of accidentals in the major key signature, because the seventh of the 'sharp' major scales (G, D, A and so on), which is the first to attract a sharp, and the fourth in the flat keys (F and on), which is the first to attract a flat, are not used in the pentatonic scale.

Work on each exercise until it feels natural under your hand and you have learned a workable fingering. Starting trying to build up speed and an assured, confident tone.

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