Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Symmetrical Pentatonic Melodies

Page Three

Now, tunes going four scale-tones up and down from the tonic. In C first.

Four scale-tones up and down

Find the fourth pentatonic scale-tone up from the tonic C - the sixth, A - and likewise down - the second, D.

Options are limited with the long four-up-and-back, four-down-and-back element, so we only have two tunes.

Here's the first one.

Here's the second one.

Transposing into D

Rehearse the four up/down scale-tones in D.

Play the two tunes in D. The skeleton sketches are below, in the right order.

Transposing into B flat

Rehearse the four-up, four-down scale-tones in B flat. Name them as you go and sing along as well as you can.

Play the two tunes in B flat. The tables are below the video, in the right order.

Take advantage of your hard work to doodle some symmetrical or nearly symmetrical tunes in C, D and B flat. Feel free to break some rules!

Notice how much better you can 'hear the music in the keyboard' as a result of working so thoroughly with a limited set of options.

Now go on to work in the two-black-key A and E flat major pentatonic scales.

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