Musicarta Pentatonic Workbook
Finding the Major Pentatonic Scale-tones

Here are two fool-proof ways to easily find the major pentatonic scale-tones in any key.

Watch the introduction, then dive in.


The scale method

Here's the video describing the 'scale' method of finding the major pentatonic scale-tones.

The counting method

Here's the 'counting semitones' method.

...applied to any scale

Now watch the two methods being applied to find the D flat major pentatonic scale-tones.

The all-white-key major pentatonic scales

The C, F and G pentatonic major scales use only the white piano keys.

Work through the method two-handed following the green-for left hand/orange for right hand colour coding. Say the scale-tone names (tonic, second/2, third/3, fifth/5, sixth/6) out loud every time!

 C pentatonic major

 F pentatonic major

 G pentatonic major

When you're comfortable with these all-white-key scales, go on to Page Two of this module and work out the black-key pentatonic scales

Thanks for studying with MUSICARTA!
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