Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Pentatonic Blues in Two Keys

Part Two

In this module, you learn the material in A minor.

Here's the music you learn to play - also in your lesson notes.

The melody in A minor

Because both E and A pentatonic minors are all-white-key pentatonic scales, the 'feel' of the material in A minor is exactly the same as in E minor.

Adding the bass

The five descending bass notes are exactly the same combination of black and white keys as in E minor, too.

When you come to putting the hand together, be patient with yourself. No 'tut-tutting'!

Your A minor chorus performance

And hey presto! You can now play this little blues in two places - and in two keys!

The music again, for your convenience.

Next, we move smartly along to jazzing it up and stitching together our combined Em-Am-Em performance (next module).

Thanks for studying with MUSICARTA!
- Come again soon! -


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