Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Pentatonic Riffs in A Minor
Page One

The Pentatonic Riffs with Improvisations is based on a pentatonic minor scale-tone practice pattern. This page has the build-up to that pattern.

You need to be able to play the final pattern to enjoy the groovy riff build-up that follows.

First, listen to the module performance.

Scale practice pattern build-up

We start by counting the A minor pentatonic scale. Work through this section diligently. Even if you know it, the repetition is beneficial.

Counting the A minor pentatonic scale

You should be able to see the A minor pentatonic scale in the keyboard and name (number) the tones.

Building the scale-tone practice pattern

The build-up to the scale-tone practice pattern is divided into five videos so that you can easily repeat each section.

Methodical, thorough work here will pay off later!

 Video One: Right hand ascending

Try to work up fluency - a  regular, even performance.

 Video One: Right hand descending and up and down

 Video Three: Adding a left hand

We bring in the left hand, just playing a simple single-note scale.

 Video Four: The left hand scale-tone pattern

Now the left hand learns the scale-tone pattern.

 Video Five: The two-handed pattern

You play the pattern two-handed. It's important to be able to play this reliably before we start adding tricky rhythms.

When you feel you're ready, go on to Page Two of this module.


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