Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Pentatonic Riffs in A Minor
Page Three

Now the second half of the Pentatonic Riff in A Minor (PRAM).


You're going to apply a down-up-down pattern to eight A minor pentatonic scale tones from C down to G.

Here's the video for the right hand build-up. It covers pattern, fingering, and rhythm.


Next, adding the left hand.

The left hand has a combination of jobs: it reinforces the tune, playing along in unison (an octave lower); then it goes back to laying down the beat for a bit. Then it does the same again for the second half of the descending string.

(Spelling it out like this seems a bit long-winded, but if you want to play 'just out of your head', being able to think about 'structure' in everyday language like this is a good start.)


Now an ending - the first part of which you know already - and a recap of the whole of the second half.

The module performance

You now have all the elements of the Pentatonic Riffs in A Minor first module performance.

The versatility of this keyboard texture and the minor pentatonic scale in combination make this (your!) performance an "Open sesame" to a vast amount of improvising fun, so work particularly on any 'continuity' issues to  maximise your enjoyment going forward.

(This usually means the jumps. Think of it as a sports challenge and practice accordingly!)

The skills and familiarity with the pentatonic minor scale you have acquired in this module will help you tackle any of the material in the Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook. Browse and dive in!

Thanks for studying with MUSICARTA!
- Come again soon! -


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