Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Symmetrical Pentatonic Melodies

Page Two

We continue exploring melodies from the tonic outwards, now with up to three scale-tones either way.

Adding the third tone up/down

You might be able to find the third major pentatonic scale-tone up (the fifth) and the third scale-tone down (the third) on your own, but here's a video anyway.

Work through it for thoroughness' sake and sing along! That's important - it's part of the learning.

Here's a round-up of your 'resources so far'

  • One-up/one down takes one bar (four counts)
  • Two-up-and-back takes one bar as well - but we have to have the 'opposite' two-down-and-back too, so any 'two' is always two bars total.
  • Three-up-and-back takes one-and-half bars - so three up and down takes three bars total.

Could you just sit down with a pen and fill seven bars (last bar for the whole note 'finish'), then play it in C? In D, B flat?...

Melodies including three up/down movements

Here's your first melody including three up and down movements.

Here's Melody Two.

Here's Melody Three.

Play Melody Three from just its skeleton sketch, and the other two module melodies from just the instructions as well.

Transposing into D

Play and sing your three up/down pentatonic scale-tones in D. Every time you do this, you get better at playing by ear - guaranteed!

Here are all three melodies in D, followed by the tables, in the right order.

Transposing into B flat

Rehearse your three up-and-down major pentatonic scale tones in B flat.

If this is becoming 'routine', count the semitones and/or sing the scale-tone number - anything to keep amused while you 'go through the motions'.

Here's the all-in-one video of the three modules tunes in B flat.

See if you can use the tables to stay one step ahead and keep up with the video all the way through.


Take advantage of your momentum and doodle some - any! - symmetrical (or nearly symmetrical) pentatonic tunes in any or all your three familiar major pentatonic scales.

Then go on to Page Three of this mini-series.

Thanks for studying with Musicarta
- Come back soon! -


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