Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Pentatonic Blues in Two Keys

Part Three

In this module, we jazz up the A minor with some syncopation and get on stitching the combined Em-Am-Em performance together.

See the MS in your lesson notes.

Syncopating the A minor chorus

We start by added some syncopated touches to the A minor chorus.

Getting back into E

We need a bit of joining-up music to get back into E minor

An extended ending

Always a good idea to recycle your hard-won material, even for just a few more bars!

The combined Em-Am-Em version

Here's the performance you should now be able to play.

This is a respectable repertoire piece, if you play it with a bit of style and dash.

But there's more!

Once you're comfortable, and ready for a bit of tricky finger-work, go on to the (final) counter-melody module.

Thanks for studying with MUSICARTA!
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