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Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook

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The Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook repertoire (pieces) is divided into four sections: major and minor, and diatonic (pure five-tone melodies) and chromatic (using two standard added semitones).

You should probably do the simpler (diatonic) pieces first. One recommended order would be the One-Octave Pentatonic Blues (diatonic minor), followed by Ambling Around (diatonic major). After that, you can go on to the chromatic repertoire and come back to catch up on the remaining diatonic pieces, or vice versa.

Here's an index of first lines and audio samples. All the pieces have full video coaching.

Diatonic (5-tone) minor

The One-Octave Pentatonic Blues

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Quite simply, up and down the simple minor pentatonic scale - with the right rhythm and feel - and you're making music already!

Pentatonic Riffs in A Minor

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This piece just adds some swing to one of the minor pentatonic scale practice patterns.

All practicing should be like this!

Diatonic major

Ambling Around

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Using just the all-white-key C, F and G major pentatonic scales, this catchy riff opens up a whole world of music to you.

A Melodic Pentatonic Study

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A predictable scale-tone pattern in just two keys harmonises over the 'usual' three chords in a practice run-through for pentatonic soloing.

Chromatic (7-tone) minor

The Mix'n'Match Blues

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In this easy introduction to the chromatic pentatonic minor scale, you get to choose your final version from a number of alternatives.

Welcome to improvisation!

Pentatonic Blues in Two Keys

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The pentatonic minor scale harmonises brilliantly over this simple descending bass line, both for melodic lines and improvisation.

Chromatic (7-tone) major

Gliding About

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It's Ambling Around with skates on! Adding the chromatic semitones into something you already know helps you nail them for good. 

Going on from here

Building on the foundation of these coached, step-by-step solos, you'll be ready to tackle the many solos and techniques on the Mister Musicarta YouTube Pentatonics playlist.

Many of these have web pages with learning notes - see at the bottom of the series nav in the right-hand column.

And, of course, you'll be hearing pentatonic melodies both major and minor in their hundreds on the airwaves and finding them in tunes you already know!

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