Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook
Playing by Ear

Page Four

Pentatonic melodies for playing by ear

In this module, you will hear Melodies One to Nine (which you've already learned in F), then play them by ear in a different key.

This helps you judge intervals better.

Here's a talking head intro to the module.

 Melody One in G

 Melody Two in D

 Melody Three in E flat

 Melody Four in B flat

 Melody Five in A

 Melody Six in D

 Melody Seven in E

 Eight in A flat

 Melody Nine in B flat

Congratulations on a good day's work! You will find your 'playing by ear' skills improving by leaps and bounds as a result.

Now go on to Page Five of the series.

Thanks for studying with MUSICARTA!
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